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  • New Season, New Seeds.

    New Season, New Seeds.

    Heyyy it’s Autumn already! As weird as it feels to say this, the cloudy weather this morning was a welcome surprise...give it one week into Winter and I’ll be sure to change my mind, but was nice this morning!

    As we do every three months, we’ve rounded up a collection of in season seeds that are perfect for some surprise flowers, that is our new Autumn range.

    This new range of seeds arrived the other day and I’ve already snuck a few into some bio pots, for a test drive so to speak.

    These new plants love a little less heat and a little more water, and they’ll be blooming from late Autumn to Spring (depending on what type and when they’re planted).

     There are a few things you should know about the seeds we pick. We have them with gifting in mind, and not just to ‘gardeners’. 

    Even the biggest plants will grow easily in a mid-size pot. So if you’re short on space and don’t have much of a garden, these can still bring a pop of florals in. Any pot 20cm in diameter will be plenty. If in doubt, we have the sizes listed on our growing information page!

     While waiting is an exciting part of growing things, waiting too long...can be boring. So all our flowers will grow quickly and bloom before too long. The quickest growing blooms in 8 weeks. To encourage growth you can feed young plants with diluted plant food. 

    Flower seeds were designed to fall on the ground and just...grow. Without any human help. You’ll notice that this seems to work just fine in the great outdoors.

    So, most flower seeds aren’t that hard to grow, especially if you’ve got the right season. And the seeds we’ve picked are dead easy to grow. They’re all popular garden varieties, and the information on our growing information page is more than enough to grow these successfully.

    Plant seeds, cover seeds, water seeds. That’s pretty much it.

     We keep these things in mind so you can be confident in gifting some Mystery Blooms. If you have any specific requirements you can always send us a message! Each care card has this site linked on it, and as always we’re only an email away for any questions!


    Happy growing :)