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  • The Lazy Growing Guide.

    The Lazy Growing Guide.

    Growing flowers from seed can sound like something that requires a lot of hard work and commitment...let me promise you, I am good at neither of those things! I lose interest quickly and get distracted by other projects constantly...It’s a good thing cats can meow to be fed.

    If you are happy to carefully tend your seeds each day, good on you! For the rest of us, I’ve put together my top time-saving growing tips...


    - After planting the seeds, put the pot in a shallow dish with 1-2 cm of water. The top of the soil should become moist but not soggy. Check on it every few days to make sure it doesn’t dry out. Most seeds need to be kept moist until they germinate so this achieves that, and also avoids disturbing the seeds with overhead watering.

    Start the seeds indoors. We love to grow seedlings on the kitchen windowsill, and for good reason...It ensures you won’t forget about them, and it’s close to tap so it’s easy to top up the water levels. They’ll also get a good amount of natural light but still keep a steady temperature.

    Does nutrient rich, free draining, ph balanced soil sound like a bit much? You can add to a basic soil by applying a bit of diluted liquid fertiliser. Just be sure the plant has grown its first set of true leaves, and dilute the mixture to half the recommended strength so it won’t burn the young plant. Other great additions? Tea leaves, coffee grinds, crushed eggshells, banana peel pieces.

    - Read our growing info page. We have heaps of extra growing information for the current and past season! Just use the number on the care card to find the right seed type.


    Happy growing!