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About Us

How & Why We Do This

Hi, I’m Laura 👋🏼

I’m a Perth local, and I started Mystery Blooms in 2017. In between jobs, I wanted something that would satisfy my soul, not just my pockets. The most common question I get is ‘how on earth did you come up with that?’ And the slightly un-exciting answer is, well... I just thought of it one day!

But the more important question is WHY? Why have I put in so much hard work, for so many months, to make it what it is today?

It’s kind of because I’m really bad at finding gifts...The gift isn’t interesting enough, or exciting enough, or they already have it, or they won’t need it...It’s just plain hard work to find something that the person will really want and doesn’t already have!

I wanted something that you could give someone who already has everything, and they would still love and cherish it-and so here is Mystery Blooms. The perfect gift for someone who already has everything.

(There’s also endless opportunities for puns and cheesy metaphors about growing if you’re into that…)

One year on and counting

What was once a drawer full of bits of paper has now become a small home studio in the Perth Hills, where I design, create, and make it all happen. I couldn’t ask for a more stunning location!

Despite it being really just me, I often use we- because I work with a fantastic and carefully selected team of partners and suppliers who share my passion for high quality, ethical products.

Hands down the best thing about being a small business is that I can add my personal values into every aspect of it.

You’ll notice our packaging uses absolutely minimal plastic and nothing that can’t be recycled or composted. We love that our gifts grow into a living, blooming plants, and on every level, We strive to have a positive impact on the planet we live on.

Making an Impact

It isn’t all just about the planet- even more important are the 7 billion beautiful people that call this planet home. This is why we recently started working on the Mystery Blooms Impact Program, Where we provide support to NGO’s and charities through free or discounted materials. A percentage of each purchase goes directly to various charities.