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Growing Guide for Mystery blooms

Here's some further information to help you look after your Mystery Blooms! Each Seed Packet includes a care card with a number, which corresponds to a flower variety. All our seeds are small, and easy to grow.

Some general growing advice: Seeds are cleverly designed to grow in the wild, so it won’t be too hard getting your seeds to grow in a cozy little pot or garden bed. To get the best results here are some general tips that will apply to most seed types, however, always follow the specific instructions on the information card.

Position: Young plants need sun and water to grow, so the best place to start seeds is in a small pot on a sunny window sill, where it won't be forgotten about. Our favourite pots or biodegradable ones, as these are waste free and avoid transplant shock because the pot can be planted into the ground. They’re available at most chain hardware stores.
Place a small dish under the pot to catch excess water, and keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate.

Fertilising: To speed up growth you can apply a dilute solution of fertiliser onto the young plant. Just don't overdo it in your enthusiasm, too much can be damaging!

Below is extended growing information for our current in-season range.

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Growing Season: Avoid extreme temperatures. Plant in early spring, in a full sun position, avoiding frost. Or, grow indoors in a well lit area.

Soil type: Moist, well draining soil.

Sowing: Push seeds into soil, just below the surface. Keep moist until seeds germinate. Thin seedling to strongest 1-2.

Germination: Seeds will germinate in 10 days.

Care: Water regularly while young. Drought tolerant once established.

Harvest: For best flavour, don’t allow plant to flower. Pluck leaves and use fresh, or hang a bunch in a cool dry place to dry out.

Fresh leaves can be added after cooking to tomato based dishes, or vegetable side dishes. Dried leaves can be crushed and added to stews and and gravies.

(Want to know what type of herb this is? Just send us a message via the contact us page)

Growing Season: Sow in Spring. In warmer climates plant in part shade to protect the plant, in cooler climates allow full sun for best growth.

Soil type: Will grow readily with most basic potting mixes, ensure soil is well draining. Perfect for small pots.

Sowing: Sow seeds, cover lightly with soil. Keep soil just damp, but not wet, until seeds germinate. Seedlings should appear in 10-20 days.

Care: Water regularly. Do not apply fertilizer, as this will reduce the aroma. If left to flower the flowers will attract bees.

Harvest: Pleasantly scented. Pluck a young sprig off this plant to upgrade your summer drinks, or dice the leaves to add a boost of flavour to your salads.

Growing Season: Start indoors in late winter, and transplant to outdoors once the plants have two sets of true leaves. In warm climates, sow outdoors Spring and Summer.

Soil Type: Moist, well draining soil, high in organic content. Grows well in small pots.

Sowing: Sow seeds and cover with about 6mm of soil. Keep moist until seeds germinate. Thin seedlings to strongest 1-2.

Germination: Seedlings germinate in 1 week.

Care: Water regularly, do not allow soil to dry out.

Harvest: Pinch off flower buds to maintain flavour. Harvest leaves and use fresh in Asian style salads and rice paper rolls, or cook into stir fries and other cooked dishes.

Growing Season: Year-round, avoiding extreme heat or cold.

Flowering Season: Can start to flower 8 weeks from sowing. Flowers mostly year round.

Pot size/garden bed: Well suited for small pots or rockeries, can be grown direct in a garden bed.

Soil type: Tolerates many soil types, preferring a free draining soil.

Position: Full sun

Sowing: Sow seeds, cover lightly, and firm down. Keep soil moist until seeds germinate. Grows up to 12 cm high, and forms a rounded clump. Space plants 20cm apart.

Lifespan: Perennial, tolerates a light frost, once plant is established.

Germination: 7-10 days.

Care: Drought tolerant once established, grows quickly and flowers year round. Do not overwater.

Growing Season: Spring/Summer

Flowering Season: Summer- Autumn, 14-16 weeks from sowing.

Pot size/garden bed: well suited to small pots, or rockeries. Can be grown in garden bed or as a ground cover.

Soil type: Grows in quite poor soil, as long as it is free draining.

Position: Full sun.

Sowing: Sows seeds 3mm deep, and keep moist until seedlings germinate. Seedlings will appear in 14-21 days.

Lifespan: Annual

Care: Drought tolerant once established, thrives in hot, dry conditions. Pinch off spent flowers to encourage further blooming.

Growing Season: Year round, if irrigated in dry weather.

Flowering Season: Spring-Summer.

Pot size/garden bed: Can be grown in small-medium pots, easy to grow in garden beds or rockeries.

Soil type: Will tolerate most soils except waterlogged. Ensure area is weed free prior to sowing.

Position: Full sun-part shade.

Sowing: Scatter seeds and cover lightly with soil. Water moderately until germination. Seedlings will appear in 7-10 days.

Lifespan: Seasonal annual.

Care: This native plant will readily self seed, coming back year after year. Excellent cut flower. To dry flowers, pick when they are just opening and hang upside down.

Growing Season: Spring-Summer.

Spacing: Space plants 20cm apart. Grows up to 50cm high.

Flowering Season: Flowers from 12 weeks, during the Summer months.

Pot size/garden bed: Works well in small-medium pots and window boxes, or in rockeries.

Soil type: Will tolerate many types of soil, prefers well draining.

Position: Full sun to part shade, warm position. Prefers some shade when young.

Sowing: Sow seeds and cover lightly with soil. Keep moist until seedlings germinate, then water regularly until established. Seedlings germinate in 14-21 days.

Lifespan: Perennial.

Care: Do not overwater plants. To keep the roots cool, cover with a layer of gravel or mulch. Drought and frost tolerant. Avoid fertilisers that are not designed for Australian natives.

Growing Season: Plant during Spring and Summer.

Flowering Season: Flowers from Summer through to early Autumn.

Soil type: Choose well draining soil, ideally enriched with compost, for best results.

Position: Full sun to part shade. Grows 45-60 cm high, so perfect for small-medium pots, or direct in garden beds.

Sowing: Sow the seeds and cover lightly with soil. Keep the seeds moist until they germinate. Seedlings will appear 7-12 days after sowing.

Care: Water regularly while growing. Cut off spent flowers to encourage more blooms.

Growing Season: Plant Spring- Autumn

Flowering Season: Flowers throughout the warmer months.

Pot size/garden bed: Perfect for pots or direct in the garden bed. Plants grow to 30cm high. Prefers full sun.

Soil type: Grows well in most soils. For best results, use potting mix that is enriched with compost.

Sowing: Sow seeds 5mm deep in flowering position. Keep moist, but not wet, until seeds germinate. Seedlings will germinate in 10-21 days.

Care: These are easy to care for and tolerate some drought. Water as needed.